Cancellations & Refunds

 Our cancellation policy is very straight forward:


We understand that sometimes, plans can go awry. However, from the time that you make a booking, bikes are held for you in anticipation of you coming.

When you book, we ask that you pay the full amount up front. We no longer take deposits or verbal reservations.

If things change and you wish to cancel, we have several options for you:

  1. We can organize another day to book you in for a bike ride, please let us know at the time of cancellation which day you would like to come on. This is subject to availability on your proposed date.
  2. We can issue you with a gift voucher to the value of the booking you made. This can be used within 2 years of issue.

If neither of the previous options suit and you would just prefer a refund then the options below apply:

  1. If you cancel your booking more than 5 days prior to the date then we will refund the full bike hire amount but not the card processing fees.
  2. If you cancel more than 24 hours out of your booking but within 5 days then we reserve the right to retain 50% of the bike hire amount and 50% of bike hire amount will be put back on the card you made the initial transaction with.
  3. If you cancel within 24 hours of the tour then we reserve the right to keep 100% of the booking. we cannot accept cancellations within 24 hours of the booking starting.

Please Note: Card Processing Fees are what we pay to the banks for online transactions. They do not reverse these fees on refunds and thus we cannot refund this part of the transaction to you.

Cancellation due to weather

Bicycling is an outdoor event, and it may be windy or raining during the winery tour. We don’t generally cancel for unsettled weather unless we consider it to be too uncomfortable or dangerous to cycle during our operation hours.

For this to occur we would have a weather forecast for Hastings district showing rain in excess of 1.5mm per hour for two or more hours or winds in excess of 30 km/h during the period of 11am to 4pm on the booked date. These readings are taken from the MetService website. Please note, Napier and Hastings have different forecasts and can experience different weather on the day.

If the weather doesn’t look enticing for a bike ride, please call us first to confirm the forecast. Weather is rarely as bad as it looks, so give us a call first. 

If you want to cancel please see the policy above. On wet days we do allow booking cancellations within 24 hours with the same terms as above.

Cancellation by On Yer Bike

On Yer Bike Hawke’s Bay Ltd reserves the right to cancel bike hires without prior warning due to weather or other related conditions. If a cancellation is due to poor weather conditions such as heavy rain or strong winds, we will endeavour to either reschedule your booking on the next available day, subject to availability or find an alternative date.

Should we not be able to find a suitable alternate date for any reason, a full refund of any deposit or payment made to On Yer Bike Hawke’s Bay Ltd will be given.

Covid-19 Update

Over the last 18 months when there has been a Covid-19 level change that meant customers had to cancel a winery tour due to travel restrictions we have, in the past, refunded in full and borne the cost of all transaction fees that were not refunded by the banks.

Unfortunately we cannot continue to bear these charges and now are implementing a separate Card Processing Fee structure which you can see on the booking invoice. This Card Processing Fee element will be non-refundable in all situations except where On Yer Bike cancels the booking due to safety reasons.