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We have a range of bikes to choose from, most fit into our regular Tour pricing and are used on a first come, first served basis. The exceptions are Tandems and Electric Bikes. Our prices for each are..

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Click on your preferred date below to start your booking. If you wish to book both bikes and tandems, just start a booking for bikes or tandems, then use the “continue shopping” link  and then book the other bike or tandem.

What happens if it Rains?

This is the most common question we get asked. The answer is that we operate rain or shine, don’t give up on the day because it is overcast as you can still have a great day wine tasting. If you don’t wish to come anymore, take a look at our cancellation policy.

Big thank you, we had a blast!  What a neat way to visit the wineries and see some of the beautiful Hawke’s Bay.  A great start at the friendly Ash Ridge and 5 hours, a laugh with Trevor at Sileni, 1 delicious platter at Oak Estate and 6 bottles of fab wine in the basket later we were more than satisfied with our day, though the others were jealous of my bike bell.  We were so lucky to get such a beautiful, sunny weekend too.
Will definitely be visiting in summer!

– Tania, Natalia & Connor